Product description

We want to boost productivity, enhance safety and cut emissions – all while lowering your total cost of operation. Battery powered electric vehicles are superior in almost every aspect. Machine emissions are eliminated, less service and maintenance are required, and maybe most important of all, the environmental footprint is minimized.


With Batteries as a Service (BaaS) we eliminate the risks of owning batteries and provide all the benefits of electrical power. We will take full responsibility for the batteries, from certification to maintenance plus technology upgrades, using a truly circular business model that provides the battery operation as a service. Therefore, you do not buy the batteries, or even lease them, but instead purchase the battery operation service for your electric vehicle. The batteries can be used in Epiroc equipment and with other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). 


With Batteries as a Service we keep track of the battery performance and replace them when needed. We make sure that the battery has the required capacity for the application and the possibility to install the latest technology. Together, we’ll define your battery plan, ensuring you pay only for the service provided. We leave nothing to chance, meaning no surprises and always predictable running cost.


With Batteries as a Service, the function is always guaranteed.