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Mounting Epiroc Powerbit X on rig

Product description

Drill strings for sustainable productivity

Adapted to the new generation of powerful hydraulic rock drills the Epiroc SR drill string family transmits that power into the rock efficiently and reliably. With a faster rate of advance it lowers the cost per drill meter, boosting productivity and increasing safety and operator focus.


With more material to resist the stresses leading to thread breakage, the Epiroc SR drill string family has a substantial increase in fatigue strength, with fewer tensile shock waves it reduces the stress in the string for less wear on the rock drill and drill rig components extending the service life.


A stiffer rod means there is less breakage, maintenance can be planned, and productivity optimized with straighter and more accurate holes drilled.


Straightness and accuracy. Pure perfection

The conical shape means more quality material at the rod end to prevent breakage with less tendency for deviation when collaring. High quality materials combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing mean drifting equipment ready to hold up to heavy duty drilling cycles with superior product life.



The drill string is adapted to a new generation of powerful hydraulic rock drills with a considerably longer rod life and less wear thanks to the design of the conical shaped rope thread that facilitates rapid coupling and uncoupling.


Operator in focus

High operator acceptance thanks to easy coupling and uncoupling of the drill bits. Easy uncoupling provides a safer working environment and a happier operator.


Improved performance

Designed to reduce tensile shock waves in the drill string, a higher fatigue strength improves resistance and reliability, raising productivity with less wear, better fuel efficiency and sustainable drilling.

Quick facts


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