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Turn your excavator into a tool carrier

Let your excavator become more than just a tool carrier - with our hydraulic attachments

Less weight - more power

Save time, money and the environment

Inventor´s experience

In Krupp times we have invented the hydraulic breaker - see what we have done in the meantime

Demolition and recycling

Our full range of hydraulic demolition tools cover the whole process from breaking and crushing to downsizing, sorting, cleaning and loading.

Construction demolition, deconstruction & recycling

Construction demolition, which includes deconstruction & recycling, is one of the few businesses that will expand in all markets throughout the world in the future. An increasing number of buildings, bridges and other structures are reaching the end of their lifetimes while, at the same time, there is a general shortage of virgin construction materials. Vehicles and vessels get old, computers and other electronic devices need to be replaced with new ones, but precious metals needed for manufacturing are difficult to obtain and prices are constantly rising.

These factors, together with the lack of space for dump yards and increasing environmental awareness, have led to a growing demand for construction recycling, debris removal and sorting of waste material after use.

Naturally, there are different levels of recycling in different parts of the world but even where it is not driven by environmental pressure, demolition and debris removal will increase due to the rising value of the raw materials contained in the waste. Also, even in areas where demolition and debris removal is not a common practice, old buildings still need to be demolished to make space for new modern cities and infrastructures. New demolition methods and machinery are cost efficient compared to many older methods and the market for them already exists around the globe.

Excavator attachments in action
Find the right hydraulic attachment tools for your excavator