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Collision prevention

Collision prevention

Collision prevention systems for mining operations involve tracking vehicles and people using tags and sensors to trigger alerts, warnings or even automatically slowing down or stopping the machine. This provides operators with awareness without distractions from the assigned work.

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Our modular and OEM agnostic Collision Awareness and Prevention offering

With a comprehensive range of solutions designed for both surface and underground operations, Epiroc is committed to revolutionising safety standards in mining environments worldwide. Our advanced systems are engineered to mitigate collision risks, enhance operational efficiency, and safeguard the lives of miners and equipment alike. At Epiroc, we prioritise safety, empowering mining operations to thrive in a more secure and productive environment. Explore our range of collision avoidance systems and take the first step towards a safer future in mining. 

Levels of collision prevention

Recent years have seen significant progress in establishing standards for proximity detection systems. With clear user requirements in place, clients can now easily select a system that suits their needs. These requirements define three levels of control:
  • Level 7: Operator awareness - Alerts the operator (warning system)

  • Level 8: Advisory controls - Advises the operator (advisory system)

  • Level 9: Intervention controls - Takes control from the operator (collision avoidance system)

Collision avoidance systems, or Level 9 systems, intervene with a vehicle by slowing it down or stopping it to prevent or minimize collisions with pedestrians or objects equipped with sensors. This proactive approach enhances safety on worksites.

What is EMESRT?

EMESRT plays a crucial role in improving safety standards in the mining industry by facilitating collaboration among stakeholders and driving initiatives to enhance vehicle interaction controls. As a facilitator, EMESRT brings together mining companies, OEMs, third-party PDS providers, and other stakeholders to develop industry-wide standards, protocols, and best practices for collision avoidance systems (CAS) and proximity detection systems (PDS).


Epiroc, as a CAS vendor, is involved in EMESRT's initiatives by actively participating in collaborative efforts to improve vehicle interaction controls. Epiroc contributes its expertise, technology, and insights to help develop and refine industry standards and protocols. This involvement ensures that Epiroc's CAS solutions align with industry requirements and standards set forth by EMESRT.


Additionally, Epiroc may also contribute to EMESRT's projects and initiatives by providing data, case studies, and practical insights from its own experience in implementing CAS solutions in mining operations. This collaboration allows Epiroc to stay at the forefront of industry developments, ensuring that its CAS solutions remain effective, efficient, and aligned with industry best practices.