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DM45 drilling in mud.

Product description

The DM45/50 rotary blasthole drill rig along with their big brother, the DML, are some of the most popular drills in the world for good reason. All three models have proven themselves in almost every mining condition to deliver productivity, reliability, and low operating costs year after year.


The robust DM45/50 mainframe and tower design ensure a high asset life even in some of the toughest mining conditions. The double-cut structural tower lacing ensures a strong tower structure without the added weight of less efficient designs. When more air and pulldown are required, the DM45 evolves into a DM50 to give added flexibility to the larger hole sizes in the DM45/50 range.


Main application area

Blasthole drilling in open-pit mining

Drilling method

Rotary and DTH - Multi pass

Product family


Single-pass depth

8,4 m

Maximum hole depth

53,3 m

Weight on bit

20 412 kg

Pulldown capacity

0 kN - 22 000 kN

Pullback capacity

0 kN - 98 kN


Product variations apply. See brochure for more information.


Epiroc DM45-50 rotary blasthole drilling rig