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Epiroc Control Room

Production drilling teleremote

When ABC Total for Simba is utilized, the operator can be moved from the cabin to the control room, controlling up to six machines. With Simba Teleremote e-tramming the operator can drill, tram, navigate and drill again - everything from the control room using the same joysticks as in the cabin.


Increased safety

Increased asset utilization

Increased productivity

Safety increase and operational awareness

Through the cameras on the machine, the operator can control the navigation and positioning of the rig and make sure that the drilling is executed according to drill plan.


Simba Telreremote E-tramming enables drilling of a complete ring, tramming to the next position using the lasers, navigating the rig and activating the jacks to stabilize the machine, and drilling the next ring. All without having to start the diesel engine.


This means an increased rig utilization, increased productivity and fewer travels to the machine, keeping the operator away from risky areas.

Production drilling teleremote - a part of 6th Sense Control

Automated and tele-remotely controlled operations can significantly increase productivity and improve safety at the same time. It can also increase consistency of daily operations, yet providing predictable results.


6th Sense Control is a product family that combines different features, functions and product packages allowing to improve process and machine control in a safe, consistent and reliable manner.  Read more about 6th Sense.