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Boomer M20 SG in underground mine, front view

Reliable, accurate and predictable drilling

The new booms of the Boomer M20 S jumbo drill rig feature internal hydraulics and a hoseless design. This means less unplanned downtime for hose repairs which will increase productivity and machine utilization, as well as facilitate planning of your mining operations.


Due to the hoseless design, the operator has far better visibilty from the cabin which greatly improves operator safety. The cabin itself has also been improved with better noise reduction (65 dB) for an improved overall operator working environment.


The Boomer M20 S has a sturdy and robust design with optional zero-emission battery driveline. This is the first rig of its kind to be able to drill partly on battery power.


The automation-ready carrier of the Boomer M20 S is the perfect platform to enable your mining operations to reach future automation goals. To increase productivity, efficiency, reliability and precision even further, the Boomer M20 S face drill rig has smart automation options available such as the possibility to enable automated drilling according to digital drill plans. Of course this drill rig also features the well-proven control system RCS 5.

Smart and Green, the future is electric

Smart and Green series

Epiroc continues the charge towards electrification in underground mining and the Boomer M20 S comes with a battery-electric driveline option, named Boomer M20 SG (Smart and Green). The battery-powered Boomer M20 SG brings additional savings on health, maintenance, ventilation and cooling.


Boomer M20 SG