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PowerROC D45

Product description

The PowerROC D45 is reliable and robust. It is designed for use in limestone and cement quarries, aggregate quarries, and open pit mines. It is built around straightforward mechanical and electrical systems which makes maintenance and operation easy.


The PowerROC D45 features direct hydraulic controls which keeps the number of components low. This also makes troubleshooting and maintenance straightforward while keeping the rig easy to operate. The PowerROC D45 also includes features such as a comfortable FOPS and ROPS-certified cabin, rod handling system, and dust collection system. A 12.1-inch touchscreen display, which also includes physical buttons, presents operators with an overview of the current rig status via an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Additionally, the display provides information which assists with maintenance and servicing – this saves time and reduces costs. The PowerROC D45 uses well-proven Epiroc technology, has low fuel consumption and a high penetration rate. This rig will help you maintain a profitable drilling operation.

Technical data

Main application area

Mining ; Quarrying

Drilling method


Hole diameter

90 mm - 130 mm

Product family




Rock drill/ DTH hammer size


Rotary head


Maximum hole depth

29 m


234 kW

Air capacity (FAD)

250 l/s
Transport dimensions


PowerROC D45