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Automation and information management

We provide automated solutions that increase utilization and productivity in the mining and infrastructure industry.


Data driven decisions

Expedite the flow of information between assets and systems to the right place at the right time.

Connecting assets, systems and people

Share actionable insights, making incremental improvements to maximize productivity.

Optimizing through automation

Connect the unconnected for a smarter, integrated operation that increases efficiency.

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6th Sense

Discover how 6th Sense improves your operations


Automation technology

Remote machine operation in control room

Increase accuracy and mining safety with automated machine functions. We have customized certain products by automating functions such as adding drill rods or changing drill bits – both in mining and construction. Features such as automatic leveling and drill stop protection are also integrated to maintain precision and safety. 


A new relationship between operator and machine with teleremote control. Platforms like our Rig Control System (RCS) enable machines to be operated remotely with a control panel that monitors local sensors and cameras. The operator can be located away from hazardous areas in the safety and comfort of a control room. This is a great benefit gained from autonomous mining systems. 

Machine automation

Connectivity and mining automation to increase equipment productivity. We can now enable the integration of smart connected machines, programmed to complete for example, a precise drilling sequence. Machine sensors will alert the control room if there is an obstacle or the intervention of an operator is required. Without the normal constraints of staff schedules, this allows for extended machine uptime, reducing the wear and tear associated with a manual operation. 


Turn data into decision-making insights. Data is at the heart of an efficient operation, which is why we offer a variety of mining management software options to collect and analyze operational data. For example, we have a telematics solution that gathers, compares and shares equipment data to help you target improvement areas. Our real-time situational awareness software tracks everything from equipment to employees, whether you are locating the nearest pump to refuel a machine or to verify that all personnel have reached a designated safety area in an emergency.

Automated machine systems

People in control room
Maximize machine uptime with a scalable implementation plan. Working together, we can create a step-by-step plan, tailored for an automation mining solution and information management system that is based on your situation and optimization targets. Unlock production gains with interoperability. As part of our commitment to develop technology and innovation for the future, we have extended our interoperability platform with open and agnostic solutions for integrating equipment, processes and systems. Our APIs have pre-defined interfaces that allows your data to be collected and converted into actionable insights.

Explore some of our automation solutions

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BenchREMOTE is a unique remote operator station that removes the operator from hazardous areas and unstable benches. At the same time BenchREMOTE increases efficiency, making it possible to operate up to three rigs simultaneously. So please, have a seat.

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Automation solutions for material handling


Epiroc Pit Viper Autonomous Drills in Peñasquito, Mexico

Increased safety and productivity are two of the many benefits Goldcorp has experienced since switching from manual drills to Epiroc autonomous drills.

Epiroc operated under the trademark "Atlas Copco" prior to January 1, 2018.

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Deep Automation


Customer stories

On the path toward fully automated underground mining, Epiroc, in collaboration with Boliden, Algoryx and Örebro University, is at the forefront of a pioneering project with the goal of achieving autonomous face drilling. A crucial part of the project will be to construct and employ a digital twin of a mine – a simulated testing environment – for machine learning, thereby greatly reducing the need for physical testing.

The Hollinger mine in Canada is where it all happens. This is an open pit gold mine located in downtown Timmins, a city with a population of 45 000 in the province of Ontario. This site is part of Newmont Goldcorp Porcupine’s operations in the area. Once the remaining gold has been recovered, this mine will be transformed into a public park. But for now, it is a gold mine in full operation and center stage for the latest innovation in surface drilling automation.

Automation on track

January 18, 2023

While construction work on the Rishikesh-Karnaprayag Railway Line in India is underway, Epiroc machines are creating tunneling wonders for Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd (RVNL).

An undertaking between Epiroc, Boliden, Algoryx and Örebro University is focused on creating and employing autonomous systems in the face drilling stage of subterranean tunneling. The pivotal idea behind the work is the development of a digital twin – a simulated mine – which is meant to act as the learning platform for machine learning. The task for Algoryx is to set up the simulated environment and make sure that it performs as close to reality as possible. Urban Wikman, Senior Business Director at Algoryx, tells more.