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HexPicks with a VC 2000 Vcutter

Two key features make Epiroc HexPicks extra durable

A tough, stressresistant tungsten carbide insert

HexPick mounted on a drum cutter


This insert is brazed into the body of the pick and is the heart of the cutting operation. Manufactured in a sintered material made up of tungsten carbide with a cobalt binder, it is designed to withstand the extreme stresses caused by continuously impacting the rock. A variety of carbide grades and shapes are available, depending on the application.

A heat-treated steel pick body

The head and shaft of the pick body are made from “optimized” heat-treated steel and serve as the support for the tungsten carbide insert as well as “full” protection for the pick box.

HexPicks make your job easier!

Unique design only available from Epiroc. Simple to replace using a hexagon wrench.

  • Easy daily maintenance: HexPicks can be unstuck with a hexagon wrench
  • Better rotation optimizes the resharpening process
  • HexPicks can be replaced without effort on a jobsite
  • HexPicks protect the drum’s pick box

QuickSnap retaining system for fast, easy changing of picks.

  • Smart retaining clips enable picks to be changed in a matter of seconds
  • Savings in time of over 50% compared with normal circlip or knock-on retainer

Up to 20 % longer lifetime (compared to all competing products).

  • More uptime, less time spent on maintenance
  • Optimized hardening process
  • More wear resistant material
  • Lower costs

Round attack picks, pick boxes and retaining clips for Epiroc rotary drum cutters and cutter wheels

Several picks – “piece by piece”

Overview about the round picks

For each model of drum cutter, Epiroc offers a range of pick types allowing the best possible solution for each application.

Pick boxes

Pick box without and with wear sleeves

Pick boxes welded onto the cutter head determine where and how picks penetrate into the rock. The special attack angle ensures a continuous rotation of the pick creating a self sharpening action for the tungsten carbide insert during the cutting action.


The correct angle ensures maximum productivity with minimum wear. Pick boxes are also made from specially heat treated steel and depending on applications, are available with exchangeable wear sleeves.










More information

Retaining clips

Retaining clips examples

Retaining clips ensure that picks do not fly outRetaining clips ensure that picks do not fly out of the pick boxes. Various types of retaining clipof the pick boxes. Various types of retaining clip are available depending on pick type and application area e.g. retaining collars for soft rock or circlip type systems for hard rock applications.


For quick and easy changing of picks, Epiroc offers the QuickSnap retaining system, which allows picks to be changed in a matter of seconds. This represents a saving of over 50% in time compared with normal circlip or knock on retainer systems. 

Easier and quicker pick changes with Epiroc QuickSnap

See how a QuickSnap works

Special and non-standard picks

Tools for installation and removal