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Pro and Classic line working tools

Working tools

It’s more than just another piece of steel!

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Tools for Epiroc breakers

Our Working Tools for hydraulic breakers are high quality, reliable and provide optimal durability. They are the right choice to protect investment on Epiroc breakers and to contribute to a low life-cycle cost and increased availability.
Every year, our facilities produce thousands of working tools that are manufactured and processed using state-of-the-art machinery and technology to ensure our finished products comply with the highest standards of quality. Our production process begins with the selection of the best alloy, which passes through our special heat treatment and ends with blasting for finishing. The result is a high-end product with the characteristics of hardness and wear resistance that provides maximum durability for tough applications, such as road construction, demolition, trenching, quarrying, tunneling and mining.

Use our working tools for increased productivity and reduced cost of operation.

Working tools have three main functions:

  • Transfer “all” the impact energy from the piston to the rock, for maximum efficiency 
  • High wear resistant behavior to keep the running cost of the breaker under control 
  • Avoid damages on the main components of the hydraulic breaker

The following features empower Epiroc working tools to play its role to perfection:


All working tools are manufactured to match Epiroc breakers’ design, tolerances and performance. The unique special designed impact surface of the working tool, is impeccably flat (to a degree not visible with naked eye) allowing the piston to hit the working tool on the full surface, transferring the maximum energy transmission to the rock. In addition to this, if the impact surface is not perfectly flat, the piston hits the working tools with very high unevenly distributed energy which may cause serious damage on the piston itself as well as on the lower hammer part and cylinder.

Alloy with high purity

Epiroc working tools are manufactured from a special alloy with a very high grade of purity. High purity minimizes the risk of tool breakage by reducing weak spots, which could cause cracks. Especially in the cases where the impurities are on/near the surface, the tool is highly prone to fracture.


High purity helps to achieve a deeper hardening of the shell, without altering the technical specification of the material and at the same time, while maintaining the core of the tool soft. Therefore, our tools efficiently withstand the bending stresses and last much longer, because the hardened surface (which gets removed by wearing) is much deeper than in a non-genuine working tool.

Wide variety

Epiroc offers a wide range of working tools. The right tool for the right application enables you to achieve high productivity and lower operational costs.

Hardness ratio between piston and working tool impact surface

An optimum hardness ratio between the working tool impact surface and the piston is of key importance. In case this ratio is not perfect, either the piston (in case working tools are harder) or the working tools (in case the piston is harder) is highly prone to serious damage.


Epiroc working tool quality starts from the selection of the best raw material available, followed by an advanced machining process and state-of-the-art heat treatment, allowing all working tools to have exactly the same properties.


This consistency allows us to predict performance and durability when an Epiroc working tool is replaced with a new one. Furthermore, our customers can be sure that once an Epiroc working tool passes through our strict quality control, there will be consistency within a particular batch.

Find the right working tool line for your application

Working tools line overview

This graph provides information to help you to chose the correct line.

The correct application of Epiroc working tools can make you more productive on the job.