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Electric loader with load| Epiroc Scooptram ST14 SG

Underground electric loaders

Today, choosing electric power over diesel may not seem like a big deal. But safer working conditions through zero exhaust and lower operational costs all adds up to something very big.

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Emission-free underground loaders

Battery-driven loaders underground leads to cleaner air, less noise and less heat. These are just some of the benefits of switching to battery power instead of diesel. Add lower operational costs to the equation for the electric loaders to make it even more interesting.  Even in the toughest underground environments, the operator enjoys a quiet, ergonomically designed cabin with easy, safe access to all service points. All this can improve the operator’s health and satisfaction of their work environment.


The fully electric Scooptram loaders also gives you the ability to work at deeper extremes with much lower ventilation costs. Less emissions means less need for ventilation underground.


The batteries are designed with productivity and performance in focus. The high-energy density batteries are easily swappable for continuous applications. Boost your productivity and take a big step toward a more sustainable operation.

Battery-powered loaders is the future

We are leading the change towards sustainability in mining through battery electric, zero-emission equipment. The result is a safer and healthier underground working environment. This contributes to a sustainable future and a smaller environmental footprint. It is a power change that changes everything.

Better for the world

Less air pollution, both on-site and overall, makes it easier to achieve environmental standards while improving your standing in the community.

Cleaner and cooler mines

Eliminating diesel emissions to battery powered electric underground loaders, means cleaner, cooler air in the mine, which will boost worker satisfaction and productivity while lowering ventilation costs.

Lower operational costs

Zero emissions means your need for underground ventilation is lowered. In the long run, reduced ventilation costs will equal a massive return on your investment.