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Operator with Total station


Technologies to enable the machine to be quickly and precisely navigated and drill according to a drill plan based on reliable way of handling different types of coordinates in a drift or stope.





Accurate navigation of the drill rig

Boomer XE3 at the face in underground mine, rear view

When the drill rig is in place and ready to start drilling, the positioning of the drill rig needs to be established to be able to drill accurately according to the digital drill plan. The Total station enables exact establishment of the drill rig's position with the help of automated measuring and prisms on the rig and in the mine.


Total station navigation enables a very precise positioning of the drill rig according to the mine's coordinate system with the help of automated measuring of the rig and the mine's fix point prisms.


This ensures a fast and precise navigation of the rig, which means high drilling accuracy and consistency as well as increased productivity and excellent repeatability.

Navigation - a part of 6th Sense Control

Automated and tele-remotely controlled operations can significantly increase productivity and improve safety at the same time. It can also increase consistency of daily operations, yet providing predictable results.


6th Sense Control is a product family that combines different features, functions and product packages allowing to improve process and machine control in a safe, consistent and reliable manner.  Read more about 6th Sense.

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How it works

A surveyor prepares the work with mounting and measuring the mine prisms to determine their positions. Afterwards this data is entered into Underground Manager to be transferred to the drill rig either by USB or wirelessly via optional RRA (Rig Remote Access).


When the planning data has been imported to the drill rig, the control system has information about the exact location of the prisms. When using the Total station to measure the rig's position according to the mine prisms, it can determine the position of the drill rig in a very accurate manner.


Since all data and measuring has been done by the surveyor in the previous step, anyone can perform this delicate navigation. Just set the Total station in level and press navigate on the touch screen in the cabin. The rest of the navigation process is automated.