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Increased demand for renting larger DTH products

June 23, 2016

Geotechnical Drilling Tools (GDT) has been growing a rental fleet of large DTH products over the last 5 years to meet increasing demand for these products. By creating this rental fleet it has meant the Customer Centres can offer a full range of products quickly and without the headache a customer faces when having to outlay this type of equipment.
GDT offers DTH hammers from 10 to 30 inches and Cluster drills from 30 to 118 inches along with a full range of auxiliary tooling that is available worldwide. These auxiliary tools consist of rods/swivels/oilers/manifolds and much more. With these tools, the Customer Centres can break into markets that before may not have been possible. Our main focus is to offer a complete solution for the customer. This has helped create relationships where we truly are first in choice and first in mind.

QL 120 & 508mm Hex Rods in UK.

Many rental contracts have already been completed with great success, some of which are below:
• 1,2 m Clusterdrill in France for a Marina
• 1,2 m Clusterdrill in Slovenia for a Power Station
• QL 300S P1219 Symmetrix for an HDD hole in the UK
• QL 120 DTH in UK for deep waterwells
• QL 300S P1219m Symmetrix for horizontal drainage in Sweden

QL300S & Symmetrix P1219 in UK.

All the above have case studies that can be supplied on request to anyone in the GTD team. Along with the addition of this rental fleet comes a team of on-site engineers available to commission and assist with any start-ups and training that may be required.

In house at the factory in Stirling, Scotland, we have a dedicated team ready to help, the team consists of Mario Andrade (PLM Geotechnical Drilling), Andrew Robertson (Product Specialist, Geotechnical Drilling) and Kellie McWatt (Customer Service).

With a view to continue to a “one stop shop” for equipment we have created a partnership with Liebherr to supply rental Drill Rigs & Crane Leaders that will compliment our equipment. Information of this new partnership can be discussed through GTD or any of the local Liebherr offices.
Andrew Robertson,
Product specialist, Geotechnical drilling

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