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SpeedROC 3F in a quarry

Product description

SpeedROC 3F from Epiroc is the latest generation of drill rigs for the dimension stone quarrying industry. It’s three rock drills makes SpeedROC 3F an efficient and productive drill rig for drilling granite, limestone, marble, and sandstone.

The feeds and rails are built around a whole new architecture to reduce weight. This means that SpeedROC 3F uses the same well-proven carrier model as the SpeedROC 2F which keeps the total cost of ownership to a low level.

The SpeedROC 3F comes with a high capacity dust collector to ensure a good working environment. All dust is collected in a built-in deposit which can be released when required, it is also possible to collect the dust in plastic bags.

All the key components are placed so they are easily accessible for maintenance and service. This makes the SpeedROC 3F an overall productive and reliable drill rig and will set new standards for the entire dimension stone quarrying industry.
Technical data

Main application area

Dimension stone industry

Drilling method


Rock drill/ DTH hammer size


Hole diameter

28 mm - 45 mm

Maximum hole depth

9 m


139 kW



Air capacity (FAD)

42,5 l/s

@ pressure

8 bar


Product variations apply. See brochure for more information.
Transport dimensions