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Boomer S10 S in underground mine, 3D image
Epiroc's Rig Control System is an enabler for automation features that improves your mining operation's productivity and at the same time lowering costs.

Operator safety and comfort

The multi-functional joysticks on the RCS 5 control panel enables the operator to keep eyes on task at all times, improving safety for everyone in the mine. The closed cabin of Boomer S10 S features low noise and vibration levels, ensuring a comfortable working environment for the operator. The cabin also features improved visibility compared to previous cabin designs.

Major cost savings with High Performance Development

High Performance Development is a mining and tunneling cycle optimization method that makes the entire operation more time and cost efficient and ensures quality-approved results by implementing proven and value adding options and ways of working. Partnering with Epiroc in a High Performance Development project will increase productivity in your mining operations and at the same lower your costs.

ABC Regular and ABC Total - autonomous drilling

Compared to manually marking of the face and positioning the boom, ABC Regular ensures a much better end result. Digital drill plans also means significant time savings. ABC Total enables both full automation and semi automation, meaning that the operator can take over the drilling at any time. The difference from ABC Regular is the with ABC Total several booms can drill simultaneously. Drill sequences used with ABC Total can be created/edited either in Underground Manager or on the display in the cabin.


Boomer S10 S freecut, front view, wide angle, 3D image