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Epiroc Pit Viper 351 autonomous at gold mine

Product description

The Pit Viper name has become synonymous with productivity in the mining indsutry, and the Pit Viper 351 drill rig is the Pit Viper that started it all.


When it comes to drilling large holes in hard rock, you can't compromise anywhere. The PV-351's powerful rotary head, high bit load, large compressor, and robust structure bring balanced power for the hardest rock. With a 56.7 ton (125,000 lbs) bit load capacity, the Pit Viper 351 can add unsurpassed productivity to your mining operations. 


If technology, productivity, and long asset life with the lowest total cost of ownership are on your list of priorites, look no further than the Pit Viper series. Equipped with a standard Rig Control System (RCS) operating platform, today's PV-351 sets the bar for productivity and reliability when large blastholes are part of the production plan. 


Main application area

Rotary blasthole drilling

Drilling method


Product family

Pit Viper

Single-pass depth

19,8 m

Maximum hole depth

41,1 m

Weight on bit

56 700 kg

Pulldown capacity

0 kN - 534 kN

Pullback capacity

0 kN - 267 kN


Product variations apply. See brochure for more information.


Activate your 6th Sense

This product comes with smart features that make your operation safer and more productive. Check them out here.

Automatic Bit Changer available for Pit Viper 351


Pit Viper Autonomous Drills in Peñasquito, Mexico

Increased safety and productivity are two of the many benefits Goldcorp has experienced since switching from manual drills to Epiroc autonomous drills.


Strength through automation

Implementing new technology to improve safety and working conditions is the main goal of the Pit Viper 351 Teleremote Primary Drilling Project driven by the management of the Los Bronces Mine in alliance with Epiroc.


World's first autonomous electric Pit Viper 351

Meet the world's first autonomous electric Epiroc Pit Viper 351.


Unlock the power: autonomous operation with Pit Viper drills in Chile

Sharing the vision that the basis of sustainable mining is to guarantee the safety of its workers, Epiroc Chile together with the Los Pelambres mine in Chile undertook a project to convert the Pit Viper series drilling rig fleet to fully autonomous.