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Haggloader 10HR-B
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The drive of long, small dimension tunnels requires the use of high capacity equipment designed to operate efficiently in narrow or limited work areas. Epiroc's continuous loader Häggloader has the ability to achieve rapid in-and-out transportation while it also helps reduce many other costs. The Häggloader Concept brings pure customer value.

Basically, it's all about resources. Financial, environmental and human resources. Our idea is highly efficient continuous loading for mining and tunneling applications that lower our customers' costs as well as their operations' environmental impact and improve the working environment underground, thanks to less diesel fume.

That's what we call sustainable productivity.


Flexible excavation solutions

The Häggloader 10HR and 10HR-B is a rubber-wheeled continuous loader with a loading capacity of up to 5 m³/min. Suitable for tunnel drift sizes from 14m³, it is available in two different boom configurations: dual digging arms for high productivity or backhoe for superior flexibility. The conveyor can be raised and lowered to fit the loading height of different haulage vehicles. Its diesel-electric hybrid solution provides a good working environment, low ventilation costs and the flexibility to run your operation anywhere, anytime.