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It´s about knowing. Not guessing.

 Now you can equip your tools and attachments with a 6th Sense.

6th Sense is Epiroc's answer to the mining and construction industries need for digitalization as an enabler for safety and productivity gains. A successful and efficient operation depends on safe methods, maximizing productivity, reducing downtime and controlling costs.


Keeping track of drilling tool inventory is a challenge for most companies in the industry. Relying on experience has been one way, but with varying degrees of accuracy. Not knowing means that drilling tools may be changed too early or too late, creating inefficiency in the drilling operations. In the worst case scenario – the machines stand still due to empty inventory, affecting both productivity and safety. For very remote sites it is even more critical to have an accurate inventory calculation, as the delivery lead times can be very long.


We know this and our goal is to help our customers implement that extra sense in their operation, making them smart, safe and seamless.

With a 6th Sense you know how your drilling tools perform

Do you think that rock drilling tools are just a piece of very durable metal? Think again. With 6th Sense, you get information, so you know precisely how your rock drilling tools perform. This allows you to drill at the right speed, and you know exactly when it's time to change tools.


Drilling tool performance has significant effect on the overall operational equipment efficiency. Making sure that drilling tools are available and knowing how they perform is essential to improve the overall efficiency of your operation.

Tired of filling out forms or hard-to-read text on paper? Get digitalized. Feeding systems with accurate data is an enabler for making data driven decisions. 6th Sense solutions offers up to 80 percent efficiency improvements. 

Improved safety

Thanks to improved planning capabilities, people need to spend less time in hazardous environments, as improved performance will also reduce the frequency of changing tools.

Full control of inventory transactions

Real-time data gives full control of inventory transactions and creates insights on consumption per equipment to make sure you never run out of drill tools.

Get a head start on your competitors

We will soon launch a range of smart 6th Sense solutions that significantly will increase your operational efficiency. Keep your eyes open.