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Ground support

Product description

A range of Swellex pumps are available for a variety of appications and mining methods.


Swellex HC1-L and EC1-L pumps

Take control for a perfect installation, every time. Bolts are not released until recommended pressure is reached for a minimum period of time to deliver best performance of the Swellex rock bolt. Swellex HC1-L and EC1-L pumps log installation parameters, providing you with a permanent quality control record for every bolt; monitoring the safety and productivity. Swellex HC1-L and EC1-L pumps can be used for semi-mechanized installation, separating grip and expansion functions through remote control. These pumps allow easy switching between 240 and 300 bars. They can also be used as a high pressure washer.


Swellex hydraulic pump HC1-L

Designed to assure the quality of installation by controlling the inflation until the required pressure is reached. It maintains the required pressure for a set period of time to assure perfect installation of the Swellex rock bolts. The Swellex HC1-L pump offers data logging, that can be retrieved via a CANbus port or downloaded via USB or Bluetooth.


Swellex EC1-L pump

Offers data logging, that can be retrieved via a CANbus port or downloaded via USB or Bluetooth. It is a robust, fast and quiet high pressure pump that can be adapted to any type of rig or equipment where electricity is available. The electric Swellex EC1-L pump can be used for manual, semi-mechanised or fully mechanised bolting. They can be ordered with required current and voltage (depending on geographical location). High pressure wash and remote control features.


Swellex PSP300 RDP

Especially suited for manual installation where electricity or hydraulic power are not available. The PSP300 RDP is not equipped with a special valve to prevent damage to the pump when air is connected prior to water.




Quick facts

* Based on 2.4 m length rockbolt