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Cabletec M rock reinforcement in underground mine

Cabletec M - Quality controlled cable bolting

Cabletec M is a fully mechanized cable bolting drill rig for mid size mining tunnel profiles.

The main benefits of Cabletec M are:

- Operator safety and ergonomics thanks to the FOPS certified protection roof or optional cabin, with full mechanization of the drilling, grouting and cable pushing processes

- Quality control with automatic mixing for the cement grout and data recording functionality

- High producitivity thanks to the two-boom concept featuring dual task functionality with separate drilling boom and grout cable boom


Quality assured cable bolting

Productivity and safety combined thanks to a fully mechanized drilling system, a separate grouting and cable insertion boom and FOPS certified protection roof. Generous storage capacity for dry cement and bolting cable allows for longer operating time before refills. Dual capability with the drilling and positioning system from Simba S7. The fully mechanized drilling system of Cabletec M is taken from the well-proven production drill rig Simba S7. The machine has 500 kg of dry cement and approximately 775 m of 15.2 mm diameter bolting cable storage capacity. With a hole diameter range of 51–76 mm and 20 m mechanized drilling hole depth, Cabletec M can also be used as a secondary production drill rig.


Cabletec M, a fully mechanized cable bolting drill rig for mid size mining tunnel profiles