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Integrated mine planning and management to maximize productivity and sustainability.

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Solutions spanning from mine design to management

Effective planning plays a crucial role in maximizing productivity and sustainability. With integrated mine plans and schedules through your life of mine or a single shift, you can seamlessly adjust strategies based on continuous feedback from operations.


The Epiroc ecosystem approach is designed for interoperability, so you can work with mixed fleets, existing equipment, and existing partners. With greater data visibility of people, machines and process, you can unite planning, production and maintenance into one seamless whole.

Unify processes across the mine

Real-time status visualization of tasks, equipment and workplaces helps to eliminate siloes.

Support collaboration and productivity

Facilitate cooperation and handovers between teams by removing conflicts from the schedule.

Plan the work and work the plan

When everything flows together, your teams become less reactive and more proactive.

Find your digital solutions for mine planning and management