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Mobilaris Mining Intelligence

Digitalization in mining step by step

Mobilaris Mining Intelligence platform is a range of products to improve safety and productivity throughout the shift.

How do you start your digitalization journey?

  1. Build a good communication network with as much coverage as possible. 
    Remember that the communication and positioning infrastructure is the whole foundation for the digitalized mine. Make sure to always know the current status of your network with Mobilaris Network Awareness.
  2. Start your digitalization journey by being aware of what is going on in your mine.
    Share the same real-time status information in Mobilaris Situational Awareness with everyone in the mine and in the control room. Mobilaris Shift Support helps plan the shifts, monitor and take action. With Mobilaris Emergency Support there is always a plan for evacuation and everyone shares awareness of the situation and people's whereabouts. Mobilaris Event Automation is a toolbox to create your own custom automation flows.
  3. Expand the digitalization to everyone.
    Give everyone in the mine awareness with Mobilaris PocketMine installed on their mobile phones. Increase traffic awareness with Mobilaris Onboard installed in mine vehicles.
  4. Draw conclusions from all data.
    Customize your dashboards and get an overview of all integrated systems.