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Midlife services
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Product description

Equipment from Epiroc meets the highest engineering standards in order to be productive in the toughest working environments. Our engineers know that as the hours clock up, so too does the wear and tear on critical components, often hidden and out of sight. Without proactive maintenance, as your equipment ages there is a risk of unplanned repairs, early replacement and costly downtime. Midlife services from Epiroc is a flexible service solution that will prolong the lifespan of your asset. Replacing old with new components, returning your equipment to maximum productivity and operating efficiency at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. Competitive pressures make cost control more important today than ever before, so to help you recover the performance edge of your original investment there are a range of Midlife service options to meet your needs.

Midlife BASIC

The machine is inspected and the main components replaced with the same specifications, extending the machines productive lifetime.

Midlife PLUS

The machine is upgraded to the latest technical specifications, plus all available options covering productivity, reliability and operator comfort.

Midlife TECH+

The machine is upgraded with all the latest technology options to increase productivity and safety. Start your automation journey by connecting your machine and monitoring machine data.
We are continuously improving our service offering to meet the market demand, please contact your local Epiroc Customer Center to find out what is available for your machine model on your market.