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Product description

PowerROC D55, a reliable Down-The-Hole drill rig, is equipped with a range of Epiroc Down-The-Hole hammers for high performance. It isapplicable for mining and quarrying. With the proven Epiroc technology, the rig has high stability. The straightforward design gives high ruggedness and easy maintenance. PowerROC D55 has good terrainability and can be used in different working environments. The low number of electric components enables easy service. A simplified design makes the system less complicated, with less points to serve. All service points are easy to access, which ensures high reliability and productivity. PowerROC D55 drills straight holes and gives high penetration rate, which improves productivity.


Données techniques

Domaine d’application principal

Mining ; Quarrying

Méthode de forage


Diamètre du trou

90 mm - 152 mm

Gamme de produits




Taille du marteau perforateur/marteau fond de trou

COP 34 ; COP 44 ; COP 54

Rotary head

DHR6 H 56 ; DRU 5

Profondeur de trou maximum

30 m


264 kW

Air capacity (FAD)

272 l/s


Product variations apply. Long feed available. See brochure for more information.
Dimensions de transport