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COPROD leads the way

A dual drill string

COPROD combines a threaded drill tube with an unthreaded drill rod. The drill tube transmits rotation, while the impact rod, fit in floating suspension inside the tube, transmits impact energy and feed force. The flushing air passes between the tube and the rod, through the bit rod, to the front of the drill bit. This is an ingenious solution with plenty of benefits for you.


Making full use of the impact energy

When the COPROD sections are joined, the impact rods stand on top of each other inside the drill tube. This means that the impact energy is directly transmitted to the rock without passing a single thread. The result? Superior energy transmission, reduced diesel consumption and minimized wear on the drill string.


Outstanding hole quality

COPROD is particularly well suited for demanding drilling operations in broken rock. It offers excellent hole straightness. But, most importantly, it is possible to regulate air flow so that you don't flush out more rock than necessary. The hole remains intact which means that the amount of explosives can be kept according to plan.


Even wear

The SmartROC drill rigs built for COPROD, offer a unique feature. A special Rod Handling System (RHS), allows the drill string to be re-sorted for each hole. This means that the different sections of the drill string will be worn evenly over time.


Lowest total cost

For almost 40 years, COPROD has proved itself in the tough surface mining and quarrying industries. It has offered great productivity, and when it comes to the cost per ton of rock drilled, COPROD is second-to-none.

Quick facts

COPROD Drill string

COPROD drill string instruction video


COPROD head, assembly and disassembly


COPROD section, assembly and disassembly