Product description

The AirROC T35 is ideally suited in open pit mines and stone quarries. The AirROC T35 track drill has the tramming and drilling controls easily accessed over the left hand track. A guide extension adjusts the guide foot ensuring optimal ground contact on slopes and rough terrain. The AirROC T35 is equipped with the VL 140 rock drill. It can drill holes up to 102 mm diameter in open pit mining and stone quarrying. The rig can be interchanged between Down-The-Hole and tophammer to meet different application needs. AirROC T35 is easy to transport due to fixed boom length and drill width. The low center of gravity gives it high stability and ease of operation.

Teknik veriler

Ana uygulama alanı

Mining ; Quarrying

Delme yöntemi


Delik çapı

64 mm - 102 mm

Ürün ailesi




Rock drill/DTH hammer size

VL 140

Rotary head

VL 140

Maksimum delik derinliği

15 m


0 kW

Air capacity (FAD)

0 l/s
Taşıma boyutları
AirROC T35/D50