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Minetruck MT65 S in underground mine
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Minetruck MT65 S walkaround


Efficient underground haulage

Engineered with safety, productivity and operator comfort in mind for haulage in larger underground mining and construction operations. The built-in reliability combined with higher capacity and high ramp speed leads to dramatically increased productivity. To improve energy efficiency we have reduced fuel consumption and decreased running cost.

18% increased productivity

Compared to the previous Minetruck MT65

5% less fuel consumed

With the new update

+36 000 operation hours

A reliable underground truck

Safety first

Minetruck MT65 S is the benchmark in safety for underground mine trucks. It is equipped with many smart features, such as automatic brake test, neutral brake apply, and hill descend assist that not only provides increased safety to the operation but also to the operator.

Increased speed

Without compromising on safety, Minetruck MT65 S has the highest payload in its segment, increasing productivity, while lowering fuel consumption. Thanks to the updated drivetrain, the machine enjoys new speeds going up the ramp as well down hill, increasing the number of cycles per shift. At the same time, through Epiroc's telematics solutions offering you live data and the machine's smart control system, known as Rig Control System (RCS), you will be able to utilize the machine's full potential at all times.

A realiable underground truck

Thanks to extended life of the main components, a completely new electrical system and a more protected component location, you will enjoy new levels of utilization and availability with the new Minetruck MT65 S. 



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Increased productivity