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Product description

A reliable and robust rig, our PowerROC D45 is designed for limestone and cement quarries, open pit mines and aggregate quarries. It uses a straightforward mechanical and electrical system for easy operation and maintenance. By using direct control, our PowerROC D45 is easily operated and maintained, and less components eases troubleshooting and improves reliability and service. PowerROC D45 is an integrated hydraulic drill rig which includes the FOPS and ROPS certificated cabin, automatic rod handling system and dust collection system. A touchscreen-andbutton display with the size of 12.1 inch, which offers operators a user-friendly interface for an intuitive understanding about the running status of the whole rig. With the new interface, which clearly shows the running status of the rig, maintenance is easier and service costs can be reduced. Proven Epiroc technology, together with low initial investment, good fuel efficiency and high penetration rate, keep profitable output from your drilling operation.
Technical data

Area di applicazione principale

Mining ; Quarrying

Metodo di perforazione


Diametro del foro

90 mm - 130 mm

Famiglia di prodotti




Dimensioni perforatrice da roccia/martello DTH


Rotary head


Massima profondità del foro

29 m


234 kW

Air capacity (FAD)

250 l/s
Transport dimensions


PowerROC D45