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SmartROC D65 Walkaround video

Global Product Manager Mattias Hjerpe guides you around the SmartROC D65 and highlights some of the rig's main benefits.


The SmartROC D65 is a key piece of equipment for Kaunis Iron.


Product description

The SmartROC D65 is built to face the toughest of conditions. It's loaded with intelligent features that will improve your operations, increase safety and boost productivity. This rig is constantly evolving since it's introduction in order to ensure that your investment delivers increased production and profitability shift-after-shift.
The new efficient SmartROC D65 consistently delivers high-quality blast holes with accuracy and precision. It is loaded with smart features such as automated drilling and rod handling. The automation-ready platform also includes an Auto Feed Fold option. With a single action, the Auto Feed Fold enables the operator to fold the feed for tramming or position it for drilling. This also comes in handy when operating one or more drill rigs remotely with the BenchREMOTE option. The extra long feed with 8 meter pipes makes it possible to drill 16 m production holes with just one rod-adding. It's also possible to drill 229 mm holes (9 inches) thanks to the power of the COP M7 hammer. All these features and flexibility are packed in a rig which is economical to run due to the intelligent control of the compressor and engine rpm. The SmartROC D65 also uses 300 liters less hydraulic oil than previous versions and features fewer hoses and pumps. This helps to further reduce costs and makes servicing easier, whilst increasing sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of the rig. The SmartROC D65 is controlled via an advanced rig control system displayed on a touch screen inside the comfortable, air-conditioned FOPS and ROPS-certified cabin. It presents everything from drilling parameters to real-time Measure While Drilling data (MWD).

A SmartROC rig from Epiroc has the potential to significantly raise quality across the whole operation.

Technical data

Area di applicazione principale

Mining ; Quarrying

Metodo di perforazione


Diametro del foro

110 mm - 229 mm

Famiglia di prodotti




Dimensioni perforatrice da roccia/martello DTH

4" ; 5" ; 6" ; 7"

Rotary head

DHR6 H 45 ; DHR6 H 56 ; DHR6 H 68 ; DHR6 H 78

Massima profondità del foro

56 m


403 kW

Air capacity (FAD)

470 l/s


Product variations apply. See brochure for more information.
Transport dimensions


SmartROC D65 cutout image

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