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Epiroc delivers high-technology face drill rigs to construction company Skanska in Norway

26. Juni 2023

Skanska, one of the largest construction companies in the Nordics, is set to receive four new face drilling rigs from Epiroc - one Boomer E20 S and three Boomer XE3. Equipped with advanced functionality, the drill rigs will be delivering best-in-class performance and value in the construction of the world’s longest and deepest subsea road tunnel, the E39 Rogfast, among other projects. 

As one of the leading companies within drill and blast applications globally, Skanska has a long history of choosing drill rigs from Epiroc for their operations. Currently, Skanska has 14 drill rigs from Epiroc in production at different sites across Norway.


“We have been very happy with drill rigs from Epiroc and are positive that these new additions will contribute to stable and safe productivity” says Roar Lindalen, manager for Skanska’s underground fleet.


Skanska has several large projects in Norway where the underground drill rigs will be put into operation. One of them is a part of E39 Rogfast which will become the world’s longest and deepest subsea road tunnel with a maximum depth of 392m below sea level, and a length of 27 km. Another one is the E10/rv 85 road project in northern Norway which includes the construction and operation of 82 kilometers of new and upgraded road with seven new tunnels and 22 bridges.

“This delivery is yet another example that our offering lives up to the highest possible standards when it comes to safety and productivity” says Espen Paulseth, Territory Manager Underground, Epiroc Norway.


Boomer XE3 is now the best-selling drill rig in Norway within the medium to large drifts and tunnel segment. The drill rig excels in construction projects thanks to extensive coverage area, long-lasting drill strings and high drilling accuracy. With Epiroc’s Rig Control System RCS 5 installed, the operator can easily monitor and control all rig functions and maintain a better focus on safe drilling.


Boomer E20 S is the most modern Jumbo from Epiroc and is prepared for the future in many ways. It features a new top-of-the-line cabin with sound levels down to 65db and is prepared for teleremote operation and CCS control of the carrier. For safe use in very steep tunnels, Skanska’s drill rig is also equipped with retarder.


The order was signed in 2022 and the drill rigs are being delivered from Epiroc’s production facility in Örebro, Sweden.

For further information, please contact:

Ann-Sofie Andersson

Global Manager Branding and Communications, Underground division

Phone: +46721838434


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