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Epiroc World Expo 2023

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Presentations and panel discussions



The world needs metals and minerals – a sustainable future through mining

The world needs metals and minerals – a sustainable future through mining


New technology calls for change management

New technology calls for change management


The electrification journey

The open and agnostic future

Taking mining into space

Taking mining into space


Demo stations



The Epiroc Experience

Explore our latest solutions in automation, digitalization and electrification in our brand-new showroom. Experience Epiroc’s vision of the future of mining and discover how Epiroc can help you improve your operations and support you in reaching your ESG targets.



Interoperability, from planning room to the mine

MineRP is a software company focused on digital transformation in the mining industry. With MineRP’s standards-based digital integration platform, the fragmented technical services domain is instantly integrated, and mine planning from Life of Mine to detailed Shift-Scheduling becomes fast and collaborative.


Creating a more sustainable mine starts with careful planning. MineRP helps mines to plan and implement environmentally friendly technologies. They also help to organize and consolidate schedules to prevent conflicts and make more informed decisions.

For example, MineRP has unlocked measurable value through the digital connection of bills of resources to standard operating procedures for all planned work at one of their customer's mine sites. Early results have shown significant improvements in team productivity and efficiency, as well as cost savings through smarter procurement and improved environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance.

Mobilaris Situational Awareness

Today, anyone can look up almost anything using their smartphones. With Mobilaris Situational Awareness we bring this possibility to the mine operations. By enabling the same information that is available in the control room to be available to any miner, the positive effect will dramatically increase. With our related products Mobilaris Onboard and Mobilaris PocketMine, everybody, anywhere in the mine will know what is going on. 

Mobilaris Planning and Scheduling is a software package of products and features that gives the customer full control over the daily operation. True Short Interval Control using real-time input from the daily operation. Closing the loop between plan and reality making it possible to save the shift.

Think green

Explore our full range of zero-emission solutions – and get an upfront experience of the world’s first mine truck produced with fossil-free steel. Discover how all the smaller pieces fit together in a full-stack solution for your mine.



Scooptram ST14 SG

Scooptram ST14 SG Smart and Green battery swap

Built for demanding underground applications, the compact and highly productive, zero-emission Scooptram ST14 SG gives you the ability to work in the toughest conditions without exposure to diesel particulates and toxic gases.


Scooptram ST14 SG is optimized for productivity in many ways. Tramming is provided by a high power traction motor connected to a highefficiency driveline. Hydraulic functions are powered by a separate auxiliary motor that delivers hydraulic power on-demand. The battery is designed for maximum energy capacity and quick swapping. 

Minetruck MT42 SG with fossile free dump box


Minetruck MT42 SG is a 100% emission-free mining truck, based on the well-proven Minetruck MT42, for both underground mining and civil construction applications. This large electric truck is as suitable for development as for production haulage. With the electric drive, Minetruck MT42 SG will outperform diesel equivalents, especially on grade.


In partnership with steel manufacturer SSAB, Epiroc now prototypes an underground mine truck with a dump box made of fossil-free steel, the battery-electric Minetruck MT42. The result is a 10-tonne reduction of CO2 emissions per manufactured dump box, the equivalent of taking five gasoline cars out of service for an entire year.

Boomer M20 SG

The automation-ready carrier of the Boomer M20 SG is the perfect platform to enable your mining operations to reach future automation goals through our auto leveling option, setup assist, and teleremote functionality. To increase productivity, efficiency, reliability and precision even further, the Boomer M20 SG face drill rig has smart automation options available such as the possibility to enable automated drilling according to digital drill plans. Of course, this drill rig also features the well-proven control system RCS 5. 


Besides the new carrier with best in class noise reduction in the cab, this rig has the unique BUT M Pro booms with internal hose routing to maximize machine uptime and nearly doubled coverage area for roof- and wall-drilling.


A battery-powered Boomer M20 SG brings additional savings on health, maintenance, ventilation and cooling.


VR experience

During the event, you have the chance to experience more of our solutions through VR. 


Such as our newest developed Minetruck MT42 SG Trolley, an unlimited autonomy mining truck. This machine is based on the proven Minetruck MT42 SG, being 100% emission-free and with a hauling capacity of 42 tonnes. It is the perfect machine for continuous underground operations. 


Another interesting VR experience is exploring the Scooptram ST1030 battery conversion. The Scooptram ST1030 is a reliable 10 tonnes underground loader with an ergonomically designed operator compartment for unparalleled productivity in mid-size mining applications. This machine can be converted from diesel to battery for zero-emissions in underground operations. 


Epiroc batteries

Our battery is designed with modularity and safety in mind, ensuring that each individual part of the battery can be monitored and controlled separately. This allows for tailor-made setups and easy maintenance. The rugged and robust design makes it perfectly suited for any operation; underground or on the surface.


By utilizing technology first intended for the on-road industry, we can guarantee optimal performance. We are proud to offer the world’s first battery intended for the mining industry with certifications and compliances according to CE Certification, Low Voltage Directive, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) directive and the Radio Equipment directive.

Charging products

Charging products

Epiroc offers flexible charging solutions for all types of battery electric vehicles. This also includes giving input for design of charging bays as well as offering lifting tools for Epiroc batteries.


The mining industry is moving towards zero-emission and we are offering several machine models with a battery powered driveline. To support your investments in this new technology, we offer a wide range of chargers and charging posts that can be customized for your individual needs.


Every time you are designing your charging bay in the mine, a flexible solution is needed. Therefore we can offer you charging products with a numerous amount of options. These products are created to suit all types of operations no matter when and where.

Battery conversions

Epiroc batteries, Scooptram, Battery Conversion

Battery conversions are a major corner stone in the journey towards electric underground mines. We can help you speed up the switch from diesel powered equipment to battery electric vehicles.


Conversions are cost efficient and utilizes the full potential of low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We offer short turnaround time and flexible payment terms – in parallel with high performance.


The conversion is included in a midlife rebuild, returning your equipment to maximum productivity and operating efficiency – including an addition of thousands of new hours with low emissions.

Presume precision

Discover how to achieve a snowball effect on productivity, safety, and profitability. Through real use cases and simulations targeting all of your senses, you’ll learn how applying the High Performance Development method optimizes your mining and tunneling operations through the whole drilling cycle.



Boomer M20 SG

Boomer M20 SG is an excellent face drill rig to be used for High Performance Development mining.


High Performance Development is a mining and tunneling cycle optimization method that makes the entire operation more time and cost-efficient and ensures quality-approved results by implementing proven and value-adding options and ways of working.


Besides the new carrier with best in class noise reduction in the cab, this rig has the unique BUT M Pro booms with internal hose routing to maximize machine uptime and nearly doubled coverage area for roof- and wall-drilling.

Epiroc Powerbit X

Mounting Epiroc Powerbit X on rig

Drill bits where the buttons are coated with diamond protect your people, your productivity and the environment. The technology is called PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and is used in our Powerbit X range. Explore how a two-millimeter diamond layer can help you improve workplace safety, reduce downtime and minimize CO₂ emissions.


Slipping and falling can lead to injured backs, hands and fingers. The less time your operators spend on changing drill bits, the better. Switching to Powerbit X improves work safety, as the drill bits last very long. You eliminate almost all drill bit changes before end of life.

My Epiroc

Drill Tracker in My Epiroc, on mobile app in underground mine.

My Epiroc is a platform developed to be a work-flow optimization partner, helping users keep track of productivity with relevant alerts and status updates. By design, My Epiroc assists by highlighting the things that need immediate attention. Only spend time on getting things done, not digging through excessive information that just gets in the way. By being proactive unwanted down-time can easily be avoided. 


No matter if you are a fleet manager focusing on uptime, a machine operator getting the job done, or a member of the service team keeping on top of equipment performance, safety and reliability - My Epiroc is built for you. Get the work done with speed and efficiency, so that you and your team can focus on what is important.

Reliable services

Explore our Drilling Tools Optimizer and learn how to reduce cost by having improved insights about drilling tools usage and performance. The future of Epiroc service is also here! Maintenance today and in the future requires control and information leading to actions even before the problem appears. It requires methods of locating issues without even touching the machines.



Reliability support

TCO supervisory agreement

To ensure high productivity and reliable performance of your machines, our service agreements are individually tailored to meet your requirements.


One of these is the TCO supervisory agreement which analyzes machine data using RPA (Robotic Process Automation). Developing a tailored maintenance plan based on your conditions, utilizing our tools and global expertize.


We guide you on how to review and set your maintenance strategy, current and new targets for machine running costs and Total Cost of Ownership. The TCO supervisory agreement delivers a total analysis of your operation. Providing guidance and information to set and implement reliability centered maintenance plans for your operation.


One common theme for our services is the focus on reliability, this can be remote or on-site as part of a supervision agreement or a larger scope setup. New production requirements, new technology and automation will require more structured and controlled maintenance securing that every machine is properly serviced when the shift starts. Our reliability setup is using digital tools to provide insights leading to actions and using data to have information regarding problems even without touching the machine or before they appear. The reliability program is a new level of service bringing insight and control to optimize machine performance and efficiency to secure your successful operation.

Drilling Tools Optimizer

Drilling Tools Optimizer is a suite of tools that help you reduce the cost of operation by giving you improved insights about your drilling tools usage and performance. The information is easily managed, with key indicators presented in reports to enable production critical decisions in real-time.


Redefining rock reinforcement

Rock reinforcement is no longer a bottleneck. Explore the synergy of Boltec, Auto Bolt Reload, pumpable resin and self-drilling anchor bolts, and learn how all that together can deliver optimal safety, performance, and quality.



Boltec E10 S ABR

Boltec Auto Bolt Reload in underground mine, feed magazine with rock bolts

The Boltec ABR (Auto Bolt Reload) is designed to increase productivity and bolt installation quality while significantly improving operator safety. With the ABR function there is no need for the operator to exit the cabin and manually reload the feed carousel. The feed carousel is automatically reloaded from the bolt magazine located on the side of the machine, all while the operator stays safe inside the ROPS and FOPS certified cabin.


The Boltec ABR is available on either the Boltec M10 or E10 sized carrier, with battery-electric or diesel driveline.

Unigrout M2 S

Unigrout M2 Smart commercial photo in underground mine

Unigrout M2 S is the new digitalized grouting standard with full connectivity and control. The built-in touch screen allows the operator to control all vital functions of Unigrout M2 S. This means a safer working environment all better improved control and overview of the grouting process.


The Unigrout M2 S will keep its well-known mixer design as well as the double acting Pumpac. These components constitutes the heart in grouting to ensure state of the art functionality and optimal results.


Packers are a crucial part of a total grouting solution. They are widely used for grouting works as well as for water tests. We offer a wide range of packers along with the necessary accessories.

Mind the time

Learn how and why the data-driven, step-by-step program Stope optimization increases your long-term profits and efficacy radically by targeting utilization. To make great things even better, we will remote control a machine too.



Easer L

Easer L in underground mine
Designed to drill opening holes in block cave, sub level caving and sub level stoping mines, this versatile raiseboring rig can also be used for precondition holes, pastefill tube holes and media holes. The rig works in drifts from 4.7x4.7 to 6.0x6.0 m. When drilling with a 750 mm diameter reamer, the Easer L can drill conventional holes up to 200 m and box holes and down reaming holes up to 60 m. The Easer L has the capability to drill angled holes in any direction with a minimum range of 90°–60° from horizontal.

Simba E70 S

Simba E70 S in underground mine

The improved Simba E70 S continues to be the choice in medium to large sized drifts, with a hole range of 51 to 178 mm. The boom-mounted configuration makes for excellent flexibility while the automation features bring optimization opportunities. With a proposed step-by-step optimization program under the 6th Sense umbrella, it is the obvious next step towards automation. 



Dual control room

We introduce dual control room for our Simba rigs, as a way to provide you with more efficient and safe operations. 


This feature enables switching from a local control room underground to a master control room above ground in order to keep machines in operation during shift changes. This functionality is a possibility for sites with multi-machine long-hole drilling applications for production in stoping and caving mines.

Explore smartness

Experience autonomous machines at the core of the shift change in underground material handling. Extensive integration capabilites are crucial for seamless operation of a mixed machine fleet. Automation is the new standard for working safer and mining smarter.



Deep Automation

Deep Automation is Epiroc’s cutting-edge set of automation systems and applications, used to orchestrate loaders and trucks in underground mining operations. Developed with interoperability in mind and suitable for a variety of operation types - from small stoping to large block caving.


Explore a deeper level of mining, decision-making and collaboration.

Mixed fleet automation

As part of Epiroc, RCT is an interoperable remote control technology provider. Through RCT, Epiroc offers an extensive range of smart technology enablers, specializing in machine automation and remote control, data and information, and access control solutions for surface and underground mining and the industrial sector. RCT is effectively expanding Epiroc's solution offering to include any machine brand, make, or model.

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