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The new generation SmartROC D65 is ready for Australia

23. Oktober 2019

The SmartROC D65 has been a game changer in the Australian mining industry since being launched nine years ago. Now, Epiroc is launching the new generation SmartROC D65 "Down Under".

The new generation SmartROC D65 is intelligent, automated and future-proof – and loaded with smart features. The continued evolution of the machine includes features such as a new interactive touch screen and 8 m pipes, which results in less rod changes and more time drilling.

"In addition, with the BenchREMOTE option, one person can safely control up to three rigs simultaneously from up to 100 meters away, which dramatically increases operator productivity", says Kristopher Thomas, Product Manager, Surface and Exploration Drilling division,  Epiroc Australia.

"Our customers are really starting to see the value in our automation journey – from BenchRemote to Full automation. And with our 6th Sense way of working, we will together with our customers achieve great results in the future", says Kristopher Thomas.

The new hydraulic system, with fewer and more efficient pumps, also needs less hydraulic oil and a minimal number of hoses and connections. As a result, the hydraulic tank has decreased in size from 400 to 100 liters. This reduces its environmental footprint and also improve service access and make for more cost effective maintenance.
This proven and innovative platform SmartROC D65 has been a game changer in the Australian mining industry. The interest and curiosity for this new generation SmartROC D65 drill rig is therefore expected to be massive.

"The SmartROC D65 has a unique position in Australia. The fact that you can upgrade the SmartROC D65 depending on your needs with, for example, Hole navigation system or BenchRemote, makes SmartROC D65 a choice that is both future-proof and automated"

Kristopher Thomas, Product Manager, Surface and Exploration Drilling division, Epiroc Australia.

The SmartROC D65 is a DTH surface drill rig best suited for contour, presplit and production drilling tasks within Australian mining industry. The new generation SmartROC D65 is built to take on the toughest of conditions and provides features that will improve operations, increase safety and boost productivity - all because of Epiroc's unique Smart technology.

6th Sense is the Epiroc way to optimize our customers' value chain and operations through automation and system integration.

There are three feed options available for the new generation SmartROC D65: Standard feed - 5 meter, Long feed - 6 meter and XL feed - 8 meter

For further information, please contact:

Kristopher Thomas

Product Manager – Surface & Exploration Drilling division

Phone: +61 409575603


Anders Bromsjö

Project Manager - Brand Communication, Surface & Exploration Drilling division

Phone: +46 (0) 72 0836011


Australien-Ozeanien SmartROC Tagebaue und Steinbrüche Bohrgeräte Bergbau International 2019 über Tage-Bohrgeräte Pressebericht Epiroc SmartROC D65 Tagebau Geschäftsbereich SED (Übertage- und Explorations-Bohrungen)

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