New rig for stone drillers


アトラスコプコは、規格石材業向けに高生産性かつ低コストの明かり用ドリルリグの提供を開始しました。SpeedROC 2Fは、大理石、花崗岩、砂岩、および石灰石の掘削向けに設計されています。

Rail in focus on the SpeedROC 2F

The big advantage is the SpeedROC 2F high productivity provided by a 360-degree coverage area, long boom reach, flexible drilling capacity, fast positioning and high tramming stability.

The all-round coverage saves time when positioning the rig while the long, rotatable boom is perfectly suited to both bench drilling and block processing.

Equipped with the DF 500X or DF 530X hydraulic rock drill, the rig can be used for vertical as well as horizontal drilling of 28–45 mm holes. It has four support legs for total stability as well as Radio Remote Control, assuring operator safety.

An operator opening the Protective Guard on the SpeedROC 2F
A SpeedROC 2F in a DSI quarry


規格石材装置 規格石材 SpeedROC 2FA サーフェスアンドエクスプロレーションドリリング部門 SpeedROC 2F 顧客事例 海外 2015