New horizons for safety


Diamec Smartシリーズは、坑内用コアドリリングに自動化をもたらします。自動化の技術が進歩するのに伴い、掘削における過酷で危険な作業は減少しつつあります。新登場のDiamec Smartは、今日における革新的な安全技術のよい例です。

"Customers who have tried automatic drilling and rod handling never want to go back. The Diamec Smart series sets a new standard for underground core drilling"

Martin Sommers, Vice President Marketing, Atlas Copco Exploration Equipment
Diamec Smart 8

Changing inner tubes that often weigh around 100 kg with core samples using manual labor has become a thing of the past. A new series in Atlas Copco’s core drilling range called Diamec Smart has been launched and is proving a triumph for underground safety adding automation to core drilling.

Loaded with automatic functions, the Diamec Smart makes the complex task of core drilling considerably safer and more ergonomic.

Diamec Smart is pioneering advancements with automated rod handling and a new, improved Rig Control System (RCS) that enables optimized performance and dramatically extends the service life of consumables.

Adding and removing drill rods automatically has also eliminated operator fatigue. This, in turn, helps to keep the pace during an entire shift and is destined to give a boost to productivity.

Epiroc operated under the name "Atlas Copco" until January 1, 2018.

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