Reconstruction brings new hope to Japan's earthquake victims





マグニチュード9.0の地震が津波を引き起こし、高さ18 mもの波が草地や水田に押し寄せ、何もかもを破壊していきました。


この市だけではありません。約250 km南では、福島第一原子力発電所の衝撃的な状況に世界の注目が集まっていました。必死で救おうとする技術者たちの努力にもかかわらず、チェルノブイリ以降最大の炉心溶融が現実のものとなってしまいました。



The muffled thud of rock being blasted is barely audible, but the thin veil of dust that blows in the wind from the Pacific Ocean reveals the location – a hillside above what was once a town and is now a virtual wasteland.

Minutes later, the mechanical sounds of drill rigs and earth moving equipment start up again. Since disaster struck four and a half years ago, the thousands of displaced residents of Rikuzentakata have been living in prefabricated, temporary shelters, with little hope of ever being able to return home. Now, thanks to the reconstruction project, that dream is a very realpossibility.

Launched in December 2012 at a cost of USD 1.6 billion, the local authority aims to construct a completely new community on the site, including homes, schools, hospitals, a railway station and a new commercial center. In addition, higher and stronger sea defences will be constructed along the coast – all by 2019.


顧客事例 クローラドリル サーフェスアンドエクスプロレーションドリリング部門 海外 2015