Epiroc introduces the next evolution in the Rig Control System for the Pit Viper blasthole drilling rigs

12 november 2020

Garland, Texas, USA: Epiroc, a leading productivity partner for the mining and infrastructure industries, introduces RCS 4.20, a software update to its proprietary Rig Control System, taking the next evolutionary step in data-driven mining. RCS 4.20 includes a range of general improvements and major features like Time Usage Model, Real-Time Data, and AutoDrill optimizations.
RCS 4.20 brings new features, ultimately targeting increased productivity in mining operations. The Time Usage Model allows for improved tracking of asset utilization against targets, which will help drive continuous improvement. Upgrades to AutoDrill 2 bring advanced opportunities for automation. Real-Time Data enables unprecedented data capture abilities to gather insights and help mines make quicker decisions.

"Before its release, we put RCS 4.20 to the test in multiple environments around the globe. Our test partners saw increases in their cycle penetration rates, including multi-pass, compared to older software versions. The test mines also saw improved cycle effectiveness."

Tyler Berens, Automation Director, Epiroc Surface division.

Time Usage Model (TUM) allows the mine to embed the definitions of machine activity into categories directly on RCS. Asset time management is the foundation of operational excellence. TUM enables an extra layer of data contextualized against modes of operation and machine operation. Operators will use a new interface, including a quick select menu as well as a detailed categorical view to ensure effective functionality. Mines will be able to see productive time, scheduled downtime, operating delays and more to see a complete picture of the shift.


The implementation of TUM closely follows the Global Mining Guidelines Group framework in an effort to promote all the benefits of a standard model. This allows for the decisions made directly from the control system to carry definition across the entire value chain.


Real Time Data provides the channel for rich data from the drill and control system to be captured and transferred for external system integration. With the right data, mines can make informed decisions and optimize value.


AutoDrill 2 Improvements increase efficiency and productivity. AutoDrill applies optimal pulldown and rotation to drill as fast as possible, clean and flush a hole, shut off air and dust suppression, and return the bit to tramming position. All of this is done with consistency through a shift.


“We know that a day at work with RCS leads to efficiency, good decision making, predictable results and repeatable processes,” Berens said. “This RCS 4.20 upgrade carries on our tradition of regular software releases to raise the ceiling on operational excellence of our mining customers. Customers will see how to translate insights from yesterday into today’s improvements.”


RCS has been the foundational operating system on Epiroc drill rigs since 1998 and is now in its fifth generation.

Press release from Epiroc Drilling Solutions LLC

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