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Pit Viper 271 E product ilustration.

Product description

With the ability to drill single-pass holes up to 18 m (59 ft) in depth and 270 mm (10-5/8 in) in diameter, the versatile Pit Viper 271 E offers the same exceptional performance the Pit Viper line is acclaimed for. Its 34-ton (75,000 lbs) bit load capacity ensures reliable operation in diverse conditions.


The Pit Viper 271 E stands out with its patented cable feed system, featuring automatic tensioning for enhanced component longevity and reduced operational costs. Emphasizing sustainability, it significantly lowers carbon footprint and eliminates emissions for a cleaner environment.


Moreover, with zero fuel costs, operators can experience substantial savings. Enhanced with superior automation, the Pit Viper 271 E maximizes safety and productivity through intelligent features, making it a compelling choice for modern mining operations.


Main application area

Rotary blasthole drilling

Drilling method

Rotary and DTH

Product family

Pit Viper

Single-pass depth

18 m

Maximum hole depth

18 m

Weight on bit

38 555 kg

Pulldown capacity

0 kN - 355 kN

Pullback capacity

0 kN - 156 kN


Product variations apply. See brochure for more information.


Pit Viper 271 E product ilustration.