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Component management for peak productivity

The major components on your machine are crucial for the success of your operation. How you manage them also have a great impact on your machine running cost. The COMPONENT CARE agreement is a fixed rate planned program to manage your components throughout their replacement/rebuild cycles. It includes swing unit, component scans and extended warranty to secure an efficient, seamless productivity at all times.


In the world of mining and construction, the use of modern equipment is essential for meeting the production targets of today. Equally as essential for long-term success, is a proactive maintenance and replacement/rebuild plan combined with proactive maintenance, not least when it comes to your major components.


The COMPONENT CARE agreement keeps you covered with a professional component management program and helps keep productivity levels up and costs down. It gives your components the quality and care they deserve. With only a few efficient steps, COMPONENT CARE will enable you to achieve increased productivity, day in and day out.


We are continuously improving our service offering to meet the market demand, please contact your local Epiroc representative to find out what is available for your machine model on your market.