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Minetruck MT54 S in underground mine, female operator in the cabin

Efficient haulage

Minetruck MT54 S is a high-capacity underground truck, engineered with smart features to ensure productivity, safety, and reliability in larger underground mining and construction operations. Combining high ramp speeds with improved energy efficiency, this mining truck leads to dramatically increased productivity, reducing overall running costs and fuel consumption by up to 27 000 liters/year compared to other OEMs.

+ 15% more tonnes/year

Depending on application

< 87% availability

Data from 28 machines at 4 different sites

+ 6.5% increased speed

Comparing MT54 with MT54 S

Designed to ramp up productivity

Minetruck MT54 S offers high productivity while lowering fuel consumption per tonne hauled, thanks to an increased speed of up to 6.5% going up the ramp. This is a result of the updated, transmission, and optimized gear selection, making sure the gear shifting will take place at the right time, both during upshifting and downshifting.

Safety first

Minetruck MT54 S is one of the safest underground trucks on the market. Engineered with safety in mind, it includes smart features such as automatic brake test, open-door brake-apply function, neutral brake apply and hill descend assist that provide increased safety to both the operator and the operation. 

A reliable underground truck

Minetruck MT54 S offers increased reliability to your operation, thanks to the extended life of the main components, a completely new electrical system, and a more protected component location. As a result, the availability is expected to increase by over 87%, a performance level already achieved by the previous model, the Minetruck MT54. 


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